[knitting] Fox Paws

My airplane knitting for my Nevada trip was Fox Paws. I don't know what possessed me to purchase the pattern but I decided it was the right time for something very colorful and complicated. This is the swatch:

I’m going to give Fox Paws a try. 🐾 This is just the swatch to make sure I understand the stitches. #knitting #foxpaws

Misc colors using leftover bits of sock yarn. This literally took up all my flying time and it's just a swatch to understand the pattern and stitches and how things stack up. It's lovely- and I'm positive you could use any combination of colors and it will always look nice because of the stitches and the way the color order rotates.

Here's my for-reals project:

#foxpaws #knitting

Blues and browns. I have a sack of Knit Picks Palette in various colors and finally settled on blues and browns. I think I ordered these waaaaay back was Knit Picks was a new company and Palette was less than $2 per ball. Which brings the total cost of supplies for this project to around $10. This is going to be an amazing project for $10.

It is in my Top 5 most difficult projects ever. The increase rows can be a bear (one row in particular- if you've done this pattern, you know the one I'm talking about) and it's rather difficult to move stitches around. I have no problem when the knit-5-togethers roll around; it's actually a relief to do those decreases. It's increasing one stitch into eleven stitches that's a pain in the butt. And they group together (with one plain stitch in between) so you end up with 35 stitches out of a group of 5. That's bananas, yo.

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