[knitting] Simple Garter Stitch Slippers

Over the holidays, after all my gift knitting/crocheting was done, I stash-busted some leftover sock yarns to make house slippers:

New simple garter stitch slippers 🔥 #simplegarterstitchslippers

Quick and easy. The pattern is free on Rav: Simple Garter Stitch Slippers

I even made another pair:

New pair of slippers- stash busting leftover sock yarn. Photobomb by Penny. #simplegarterstitchslippers #knitting #knitslippers

They're the same yarn/colors as my Kansas City Socks. I had two  leftover balls of the confetti brown. The slippers are knit with a double-strand of sock yarn so I knit both slippers at the same time, from both end of the balls. It wasn't so bad until I starting nearly the ends of the yarn and really had to count rows and go back and forth from one slipper to the other to use up every possible inch of yarn. Once the brown was gone, I just finished both toes and seamed in teal.

This second pair of slippers ended up a little small for me, so I might gift to my mom for her birthday.

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