[cooking] Pozole

Last night's supper, pozole:

Pozole last night, with collard greens. 🍲

I already had some pork shoulder that I slow cooked a while ago and froze. I just defrosted some chunks and pulled apart with my fingers into a big pot. I added two cans of rinsed hominy. I had some dried New Mexico chilies soaking in boiled water. After 30 min, I pureed them with some onion and garlic- and added this paste to the pot. Cover everything with some chicken broth, add salt and a couple teaspoons of Mexican oregano and simmer. To make it a bit healthier and add some greens, I chopped some collard greens and stirred this in near the end and simmered a few more minutes. Pretty easy weeknight meal.

I spent some of the afternoon at the King Arthur Flour Baking School for a free Bake for Good class. This was a basic bread class- you don't take anything home (everything that the classes make gets donated to the Haven shelter/food shelf) but you learn best practices and get to ask questions. I think it's borderline cruel that they wheel out previous classes finished rolls from the oven, for you to see/smell while you're working but... you go home with the recipe and experience to make it yourself. The highlight for me was seeing the instructor roll a bit of dough into a perfect ball. It was like, 50% technique, 50% black magic. 

I've been putting off starting mincemeat so I figured I might as well do that last night as well (that was a mistake... a multi-hour mistake). Boiled up some venison shoulder in cider, sugar and spices. Gathered and prepped all my dried fruit (cranberries, apricots, golden raisins, apples). Minced the venison and suet by band (I'm going to ask Santa for a meat grinder this year). Put everything together, reduced, topped off with some Sortilege maple whiskey and into the fridge it all goes for weeks. If it comes out well, I might portion some into mason jars to give as gifts.

I had no time to knit last night... siiiiiiiiiigh.

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