[cooking] Mincemeat tarts and peanut brittle

Last night I made some mincemeat tarts (with the mincemeat I started weeks ago) for a work party today:

mincemeat tarts

They're good- I like them. But we'll see what kind of feedback I get today. They still have a bit of a game-y taste but I think it's from the suet I used (rather than the venison). I don't know what real mincemeat is meant to taste like.

I also made some quick microwave peanut brittle (to add to the variety of Christmas cookies/treats I'm giving out):

peanut brittle

I unfortunately lost one of my glass bowls in the first attempt (heard a sad, low pop come from the microwave and I immediately knew). Not sure what the problem was- it was the same bowl that I used last year with the same recipe- maybe there was a new scratch on the inside of the bowl, I'm not sure. Anyway, it was very sad.

Gotta carve out some crafting time. And last-minute gift shopping. And wrap everything. And finish up the Christmas cookies.

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