[knitting] Cotton-Ease Socks

I already have a couple Christmas presents done for a certain someone:

Cotton Ease Socks

Leftover Cotton Ease Socks

The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. It has been discontinued for a little while and if you can't tell from the patchwork 2nd pair, I'm using up all my leftovers. I'm very tempted to cruise around Ravelry and see what users are selling from their stash... but I have a bag of misc worsted weight superwash wool, so it's not time to go hunting for yarn yet.

I love this yarn though- it really holds up to so much wearing and washing. And because the yarn is worsted weight, I was able to knit two pairs in a week. Now I can move on to other Christmas gifts... 


Jacquelyn Cory said...


Just found your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and what you like to do. You and I have very similar interests. I have a peeler/slicer device like you do and I LOVE it. What a difference it makes with apples! I have done bushels at a time and dehydrated some but most go into the freezer for apple pie. Put down wax paper, spread the slices out on the cookie sheet and into the freezer. 30 mins later, scrape them into a labeled gallon freezer bag and voila - apple slices all ready for pie! If I feel life applesauce then the slices are all ready to put in the pan to cook. I also do pumpkin seeds. I rinse them off to remove any pumpkin strings and such; spread them out onto the prepared cookie sheet and let them air dry for a couple of days. I then wet them down again and sprinkle with salt and bake them just like you did. My family will eat these so fast it isn't even funny. Love the cats and plan on reading your posts from day one. Love the planet painting. Are you going to sell these or are they for a decorating project you are working on? Hope you have the best day ever!


P.S. I'm using my daughter's account.

amy said...

Hi, Maureen! Thanks for the nice comments :) I'd like to turn the round planet paintings into clocks- drill a hole in the middle and add a spindle mechanism. I'm wondering if I can order some cheap 10 inch clocks and break them down for parts. Thanks for the tip on freezing apple slices- I'll have to do that with next year's wild bounty. Hope you have a great day, too!