[knitting] Camp Out Mitts

Whipped up a pair of quick fingerless mitts with less than one ball of Noro Kureyon:

Mismatch fingerless mitts. #campfiremitts #kureyon

I've had a couple old balls of Kureyon kicking around my stash for years. It was such a fast project that I'm making another pair in a different colorway...

I used a very, VERY short US 7 circular (less than 8 inches?) to do the main body and it's a little awkward holding it. I found that I can't really work continental style (picking with yarn in my left hand) and have to do English style (throwing yarn with my right hand). The actual needles are very short so it's difficult to get acclimated to where you can actually hold on to them. I think it might just take more practice.

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