[misc] Penny Monday

Penny in the bass case:

Penny in the bass case. 🐱 🎸

Weekends are now spent covered in cats- they are constantly looking for a warm lap to hang out on for hours. Santana's winter spot is under the covers on my side of the bed to curl up and nap in. I don't make the bed so I can never tell when she's in there and will inevitably (a) try to lay down on top of her (oops), or (b) plop a laundry basket down on top of her. I realize my mistake only when I hear a plaintive little mew and the covers start moving.

Started a little dress for my niece in fingering weight yarn. I'm doing the 2-year-old size but I feel like it's coming out so large, I might save it for Christmas next year. I also took out some black and yellow sport-weight-yarn. Once I finish this one, I'll try making a "bumble bee" dress in a smaller size.

Working on a (too large) toddler dress with thin yarn and US 3 needles after whipping out a bunch of hats and socks so quickly is a little humbling. (I'm so humble, I am the most humble-est, number one at the top of the humble list.) I do have some sweater patterns printed for DK and worsted weight- maybe I'll squeeze one of those in before the bumble bee dress.

Also rummaged around the stash and found two ancient skeins of Noro Kureyon- going to try to make a couple pairs of fingerless mitts.

I made Nantucket Cranberry Cake this weekend. It's legit awesome. I had a container of fresh cranberries that I didn't use for Thanksgiving (I like the kind from a can; someone else brought homemade cranberry sauce)- to what to do with fresh cranberries? More than a few people recommended this recipe to me and it's awesome. 

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