[travel] San Diego

Was in San Diego last week for a conference. It was a great week- lots to learn, lots of coworkers that I only get to see a couple times a year, lots to see and do. The only hard part is the long flight to get all the way over there.

Next stop, San Diego. 🌴

I joined Audible months ago so I have been downloading an unabridged book from A Song of Ice and Fire with each credit. I got through a decent chunk of A Game of Thrones during this flight but I couldn't be more relieved when we arrived.


Then it was a week of sun and palm trees.


La Jolla.

We went to a vendor party on the USS Midway one night. So cool to tour the aircraft carrier and check out all the decommissioned planes and helicopters.

Went to a map party on the USS Midway last night and had a quick tour. Definitely not as claustrophobia-inducing an the Russian submarine we toured last year.

There were so many different decommissioned planes and helicopters to touch and see up close. The bombs on these this plane all said "Inert". Whew!

The big event party was Thursday night at Balboa Park:

Party at Balboa.

It was good, just very very crowded. Went through the natural history museum quickly but spent most of my time at the fine art museum checking out a series of quilts on loan from the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

Quilts at San Diego Museum of Fine Art. Ahhh, so stunning. Got yelled at by a guard because I was looking at the stitch work a little too closely.

Log cabin quilt. 😍

Another gorgeous, historic quilt! 🌞

And another beautiful quilt. Most of the quilts were from 1860 - 1940. Many were Amish.

Makes me want to get into quilting. I've only made one very simple, very random, large square quilt. And I love it. My sister is giving me a sewing machine and now I want to start digging through old clothes for fabric I can recycle into a quilt.

And then it was time to leave:

Next stop: Boston. Original flight to JFK delayed because of weather. Would miss my connection to Burlington. They could reschedule for tomorrow, but F that. Flying to Logan instead and getting rental car. Someone remind me tomorrow that my car is still a

The flight back was a little crazy. My original flight to JFK was delayed and I was going to miss my connection to Burlington, so I took a flight to Boston instead and made a reservation for a rental car. It was the roughest plane ride I've ever had- I was all the way in the last row, so maybe it felt worse but I was trying not to get sick the entire time. Then more delays when we landed because of lightning- couldn't deplane, couldn't get bags, etc. The shuttle to the rental cars was literally overflowing with people and people were yelling at each other. I was so relieved to jump in a car and start driving home. I was in the front door by 2am. Then slept for 48 hours (after returning the rental car the next day to Burlington airport and retrieving my car).

All in all, a good trip. Looking forward to next year!

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