[spinning] Tour de Fleece Mechanics

Here's the foggy-colored fleece I'm spinning now:

Ready to move on to the next thing to spin: Ashland Bay multi-colored merino top. Unsure of the colorway but it's foggy grey with hints of other colors. #tourdefleece #teamcatitude

8oz of Ashland Bay merino that I bought at Rhinebeck years ago. The plan was to spin it thin, putting 4 oz on two bobbins each and then plying. I was using my still-unfamiliar-to-me Sonata and (as I posted last week) the yarn kept breaking. I found a solution in the Kromski board to reduce tension. After several mistakes, the modification was done:

One broken drill bit, two broken eye screws, one "oops" hole later and the modification to my spinning wheel to reduce tension is done. Also replaced the brake band jute with something smoother. It's spinning easier but the woolee winder stalls when I try

A broken drill bit, two eye screws broke as I was screwing them in, a hole that I wasn't able to use- but I did finally get one screw to work. I'm sure this will affect the resale value of my WooLee Winder. But it works- spinning thin on the Sonata is working now. Here's the route the yarn takes from fiber to bobbin- to the right to my eye hook, to the left to the fixed WW hoop, to the moving WW hoop.

Kromski Sonata WooLee Winder

This extra hook only needs to be used when spinning thin with the WW. I did two bobbins of thicker yarn a couple weeks ago and had no problems.

I also replaced the manky jute brake band with a smoother yarn. I find that when I start from a complete stop, I have to release all tension on the brake band and allow the flier to spin free. I think the main (larger) gear of the WW sticks. I've been oiling it, which seems to help a bit. Once the gear starts going, I can put some tension back in brake band and away I go.

I don't know, I'm still trying to sort out the mechanics of it all and get a flow or at least an understanding. This Tour de Fleece has been good for me to learn this wheel and feel comfortable with it.

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