[gardening] Hold'n Heaven

This past weekend I went to a local daylily sale at Hold'n Heaven Daylilies. It was a colorful, lush oasis hidden away. The specimens here were wonderful, with features that I have never seen on daylilies before.

Daylily heaven. Visiting a local day lily sale. Sooooo pleased with the specimens I got! #daylily #gardening

#gardengoals. The walking paths were relaxing, there are lots of different perennials mixed into the 400+ different types of daylilies, there was a pig on a swing:

Swine swings safely sans summer sun.

Just a few of the interesting flowers I snapped a picture of:

More #daylilies at Hold'n Heaven.

#daylilies at Hold'n Heaven.

I bought six different cultivars (and asked a million different questions) and I am so pleased with how interesting they look. Here is Shores of Time, planted in the new lower flower bed:

New #daylily purchased yesterday, in the ground at home. It's called Shores of Time. #shoresoftime

Love love love love love! Can't wait to get pictures of all the rest!

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