[spinning] Time to make the donuts, I mean, yarn.

Not sure what to start next for a knitting project, I decided to spin instead. I went digging through my fiber stash and piled up all the fiber I want to work on:

Spinning fiber

My old, last, coveted Grafton Fiber batt. Spunky Eclectic fiber. Ends from Hello Yarn. A couple different things from Fiber Stash. Not pictured is about 3oz of merino/angora blend from Fantom Farm. All good stuff. I've gotten through quite a bit of it with lazy spinning (single ply, worsted-to-bulky weight; a couple hours at the wheel and voila- done!). I'm spinning some of it thin and chain plying. It's been nearly a year since I've spun anything and boy was there a learning curve getting back into the rhythm of chain plying. 

I've started watching The West Wing for the first time and I spend my weekend mornings watching it (I like it but OMG, the writing is sooooo preachy) and spinning.

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