[misc] Penny Friday

A couple nights ago:

I'm not going to look. It's probably a spider. A 12", two-pound spider. I'm just going to turn out the light, go to sleep and when I wake up, it will be gone. ... That actually freaks me out more.

It's a spider. I know she's looking at a spider. They love to hang out where the wall meets the ceiling, above the bedroom door. I've already killed two spiders in a week there.

Integration with Rocky in the house is going well. Apart from a flea issue. He brought fleas with him. I noticed everyone in the house was scratching and I saw a couple fleas here and there. Everyone got Advantage flea treatment. Everything in the house was vacuumed and all the bedding washed. There's nothing nicer than falling asleep on nice, clean sheets that are still warm from the dryer:

#bedhog ... At least she's not taking up my side of the bed. 🐱💤

I think the cats are flea-free but I still see Rocky scratching. Will have to monitor.

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