[cooking] Tomato Salad

Received red and orange tomatoes in my CSA this week. Checked my garden and I had one green zebra tomato ready pick. Sliced them up and added a balsamic glaze drizzle:

Red and orange tomatoes from the CSA, green zebra tomato from my garden! #tomayto #tomahto #letscallthewholethingsalad

So tasty but next time I'll add some slices of buffalo mozzarella. 

I checked on all my mystery squashes:

Three kind of squash. Don't know what they are. Don't know when they're ready to pick. Don't really know what to do with them all. #squashproblems

I picked the three in this picture- they didn't pop off the vine easily and I kind of had to break the stem. I cut the green one open and it's not a summer squash. It has large seeds forming on the inside- they look like pumpkin seeds. So, in my never ending quest to try to figure out what these things are, I think they're winter squash, not summer squash. The one on the bottom left has the shape of spaghetti squash, it's just not yellow yet. I should have known that they weren't ready when they didn't pick easily.

But... maybe I'll have vegetables to submit to the Fair this year? I'm in full-on Fair-planning mode.

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