[crochet] Pineapple Song Progress

Only 8 rounds away from finishing:

8 more rounds to go... But it will be 8000 more hours, I'm sure.

Too bad notes I've read on Ravelry say that the last rounds take 2+ hours to complete, each. At this point, each round is taking about 45 minutes to complete.

So far I've only made three mistakes that I've noticed. I fudged it the best I could and just kept on going. I only notice the error when I come to it on the following round and there's no way I'm ripping out an entire round to go back and fix something minor (something that I think only I will be able to notice). That's the thing about crochet- since you're only working with one live stitch at a time, you can't easily undo your work, fix and pick the stitches back up as with knitting.

Will be able to finish the doily this weekend and hopefully block it.

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