[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface, chillin' in one of his favorite spots- Dollar's legs.


Saturday night Dollar was away in CT for a gig. I was exited to have the house to myself- which never happens. I made myself naengmyeon- a cold Korean noodle soup. I had a package from H-mart: dried buckwheat noodles and liquid pouches of beef broth. I boiled an egg and made a quick cucumber pickle. I put it all together and had it for supper.

I didn't think to check the pouch of beef broth for MSG. It must have had a ton of MSG in it because 30 minutes after eating, I had the worst migraine. Just an immense amount of pain behind by right brow bone. This has happened to me a couple times in the past- from takeout Chinese food. I'm usually careful about making sure any Asian products that I buy are MSG-free. I'm sure I have a small amount unknowingly here and there but, ugh, when I have too much- paaaaain. I had to go to bed at 7:30 pm. So much for my awesome night at home alone but I didn't even care. I just wanted to fall into unconsciousness. I was fine the next day but the whole ordeal was just a reminder to check ingredients in pre-made products more carefully.

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