[vermont] Foraging

It's ramp time! I hiked up to the big patch with my sister:


On the way, I saw trout lilies and picked a few:

Trout Lilies

These are edible as well. They get their common name from the mottled coloring- like trout skin. They're a little labor intensive to pick (a lot of work for little leaves) so I didn't pick that many. They have a slightly bitter taste- good to add to salads.

We picked and picked and picked ramps. I washed them right away:

Ramps, washed.

And as it happened, I bought a small vegetable CSA share this year from a local farm. They were having an open house on Sunday. I went to pick up a bonus May share of greens:

First CSA share of the season.

Clockwise from bottom left: spinach, collard greens, baby bok choy, arugula, mustard greens, kale.

So. We have lots of green stuff to eat. Time to make pesto!

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