[foraging] Morels

After heavy rain last weekend, I noticed a mushroom on my lawn. 


Whaaaaat. It looked like pictures I've seen of morels but I couldn't believe one would just pop up on my lawn when I've never seen one in the wild before. I saw another nearby and picked them both:

Found two morels in front yard after heavy rain last night. First time ever finding them. Taste and smell not unlike maitakes.

The clearest indicator that you have a morel and not a (deadly poisonous) false morel is that true morels are hollow on the inside from bottom to top:


False morels have a solid stem and the brain-y cap is darker, wrinkled differently and not completely attached to the stem.

I was 98% percent sure these were real morels, so I sliced them lengthwise and sauteed them in butter. I added an egg to scramble with it. I ate it after giving Dollar a short "You may have to take me to the hospital" warning. It was really good. But you know what? The smell and taste were nearly the same as maitake/hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, which I can readily buy at H-mart. I'll definitely keep picking and eating all the free ones that appear in my front yard (and I hope more show up!) but I won't yearn for them like I have for years.

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Rebecca said...

I couldn't have identified a morel until reading your post this morning, but this afternoon I saw some pinecone-y things in the yard and when I went to investigate, sure enough, they were morels. I didn't look closely enough to be sure they weren't false morels but they did appear to be identical to yours.