[knitting] Drumstick Bag

I made a felted drumstick quiver for Dollar and wanted to make another for a drummer friend. Here it is knit up, prior to felting

I used a different yarn but made it the same size. I think. I don't do things like "count stitches" or "measure" or "record details for posterity". Pssh.

Of course, after I ran the bag through a hot, soapy wash a few time, it came out too big. Whereas the first quiver was shaped like a Pringles can, this one was bigger. While the fabric was still wet, I laid it flat to dry and pleated the top opening, folding either side in, and put a heavy cookbook on top. Once it was dry, I added a snap closure so that it's more of a storage bag for drumsticks now.

Felted Drumstick Bag

Felted Drumstick Bag

Felted Drumstick Bag

It also doubles as a mat for cats to catloaf on. Santana approves with her disapprove-y face: 

Catloafing on the drumstick bag

Once the bag was gifted and brought to it's new home, my friend sent me this picture of her cat Leo:

Recommended by 2 out of 2 cats.

Recommended by 2 out of 2 cats. I think I need to whip up some felted beds for the cats now. 

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