[gardening] Spring as Sprung

The cactus seeds I started in small terracotta pots inside have germinated:

Growing #cactus from seed.  slowly...

I started these seeds in March. This is going to be a sloooooow process. From what I've read, they'll be ready to transplant when they're the size of a marble- from 6 months to a year after germination.

It's so nice to be working outside again. I'm preparing the beds around the house to transplant all the things I've winter sown. This past Saturday I weeded, moved some day lilies, added stone borders to a couple bed, planted seed tape.

Moved day lilies. Added stone border. Planted alyssum seed tape, nasturtium seedlings. Gourds in pots. #nomorefrosts

And the daffodils I planted last fall are currently blooming!

Daffodil. Bulbs planted last fall.

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