[misc] Post-holiday fugue state

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year. I'm only just coming out of my vacation  stupor and still trying to figure out what day it is. My stay-cataion at home was awesome. It's all kind of a blur now but totally relaxing.

The last of the Christmas pictures:


I think we put the tree up the first weekend in December and by the time we had family over on Christmas eve, so many needles were falling off. Two days after Christmas I decided to take it down- taking off all the ornaments and lights left half of the needles on the floor. This was my first year getting balsam fir and while it made the house smell really nice the first few days, I think I'll go back to Frasier firs- they just hold their needles on better. 

Murderface admiring the tree

My days mainly consisted of getting up whenever Santana decides she can't wait any longer for breakfast and begins howling in earnest. Then I'd do crafty stuff. Then give the cats some catnip and arrange cage-fighting matches between them. Bakes some bread. Watched a ton of movies. 

The cats were happy to have us home so much (if only for all the extra snacks and treats they were given throughout the days). Here's Dollar with two on him:

Penny, napping

Now that I'm done with all my frantic holiday gift-making, it's nice to work on whatever I feel like. I just need to figure out what it is that I feel like making...

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