[knitting] DyakCraft Needles

Received a lovely set of interchangable knitting needles in the mail last week:

Dyak Craft Needles

The needles are handmade in Vermont by DyakCraft. I placed the order 11 months ago. I know that seems like a wicked long time to wait but this was a completely customized set- I picked every single color of wood I wanted for every single size. Unfortunately, you can't do that any more. You can only certain sets of colors. 
I ordered the 5" lace-tipped needles. Currently I'm trying to narrow down yarn/pattern/needle decisions for my next project.

This set it very comparably priced to other sets that you can buy online if you factor in that all the DyakCraft products are handmade. The only hard part is the waiting ;) Do what I do- place and order and forget about it. Then you'll want to do backflips once you're notified that the needles are ready to ship.


Anonymous said...

You will love these..I love mine! Lucyj x

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Lovely. I have some of their hooks from awhile back when they were the other name.