[crochet] Rising Sun Doily

A Christmas gift that I didn't finish on time but will given next year:


Pattern: Doily Number 7274. Not sure when it was renamed but it's called "Rising Sun Doily #7274" on Ravelry. Pattern is originally from 1944!

Yarn: Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet (Size 3), 1.5 balls

Ended up quite large because of the heavier crochet cotton that I used.

Too big for the round nightstand that I currently have it on.


Mary H said...

Nice work on the rising sun doily. i am having trouble with row 13. Can you explain: decreasing 3 sps at equal distances apart - to dec 1 sp, make sc in 2 sps . Thanks

Mary H said...

Thanks to the people who posted on ravelry, I figured it out, you have to make sure you count the stitches.