[cross-stitching] Li'l Loki

Made this for a swap partner on Ravelry:

Loki Cross-stitch

She likes Loki from the Thor series, so I Googled a bit for a small cross-stitch project. I had the cloth, thread and frame already, so this was a no-cost project. Apart from the pattern, which I think was only $1.99.

Was easy and fun to make but the gold thread was terrible to work with. Terrible. The payoff is that it is quite glittery and reflective in direct sunlight. It was worth it.

Loki close-up

Working on a cross-stitched biscornu at the moment but not really feeling any love for it. I'd rather make a little rug for my iPhone. I hate the rattling/buzzing noise when I have it on a desk or coffee table and I get a text message. I want to make a soft coaster for the phone to rest on to muffle the noise.


Anonymous said...

Looks cute!! Where can I buy the cross stitch pattern?

amy said...

I got it from a shop on Etsy: GlitchStitchery. Looks like it's not available anymore. Perhaps the seller had to take it down for some reason.