[gardening] Rock Garden

When the weather is right, I spend hours outside gardening. It's good exercise, I enjoy planting stuff and transforming ugly sections of lawn into landscaped areas. I received some hens and chicks from a friend and cut away some turf along a rock wall to create a little succulent rock garden:

Hens and chicks planted in new rock garden.

The picture is a little weird- Instagram artsy filter set to something. I don't know. I had to use my iPhone to take the picture because my beloved (but old) Canon died. RIP PowerShot G7 from 2006. 

Anyway, the hens and chicks are soooooo cute. I mixed some sand into the soil before planting for better drainage. And I collected various rocks around and dropped them randomly on the dirt. 

Want to give me sempervivums? Or any (ANY) perennials?  I'll trade you- handspun yarn? Know where I can get plants cheap? I feel like a drug addict- jonesing for plants, but come on, man. I know you know where I can get some... a little boxwood... ornamental grass... coleus... I'm dyin' here!

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