[vermont] She loves me... NOT

Wanted to make a pretty bouquet for the kitchen yesterday and we have shasta daisies everywhere around the house.


I set the vase on the counter and... sniff ... sniff sniff... What's that smell? I pushed my face into the daisies and inhaled.

Wet dog. The flowers smell like a wet dog's fur. I was surprised. I had Dollar smell them and he agreed. Ugh. I brought the vase outside and the flowers are decorating the front porch. How did I ever not know that these flowers smell bad? Maybe when you're only dealing with one at a time while playing "He loves me, he loves me not..." you don't notice but with so many grouped together... Woof woof. Wet dog. 


gayle said...

Isn't it a disappointment?
I tried forcing paperwhites one year, but was very very sorry - they smelled like burning plastic. The whole house ended up smelling like burning plastic. Yuck...

amy said...

While out foraging for ramps this spring, I noticed lots of pretty red trilliums. I wondered if I should dig them up and transplant some around the house... until I looked them up online and saw that they're also knows as "stinking benjamins" .