[cooking] Game of Thrones Finale

Had a small Game of Thrones viewing party for the finale and had fun coming up with the menu.

First, a wheel of brie baked en croute. The brie was topped with cranberry jam and toasted walnuts. All wrapped in puff pastry and baked at 400 F for 20 min. Looks a mess but LOVED this. Runny brie is a wonderful thing.

Baked brie en croute

Then, we had lots of homemade mojitos and cherry caipirissimas. 

I made individual pork pies and a side of beans for dinner. No picture of the pies but the beans and bacon and onions were amazing!

Bacon and white beans

Finally, a maple cheesecake with maple butterscotch topping:

Maple cheesecake

This was the best dessert I've ever, ever made. I used this easy cheesecake recipe from KAF and used two packages of neufchatel cheese (for 1/3 less fat) rather than cream cheese. In place of vanilla extract, I used vanilla bean paste. In place of sugar, I used pure maple sugar. And I added 1/2 cup of Grade B maple syrup to the batter.

For the maple butterscotch topping, I followed this recipe. I realize that it was probably pointless using neufchatel cheese when I used an entire stick of butter for the topping but... you gotta pick your battles, I guess. The sauce ends up being quite runny but after a day in a jar in the fridge, the butterscotch separates a bit and I used the thicker stuff that rose to the top to put on the cheesecake. It was a good consistency.

Anyway, from brie in pastry to pork in pie shells to bacon-y beans to cheesecake to most of an entire bottle of white rum for the libations... I'm having quite the food and beverage hangover. But it was totally worth it. Now if I can only remember what happened in the Game of Thrones episode...

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