[misc] Things

[reading] A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. I'm not devouring it as fast as A Game of Thrones, but it's still a good read.

[watching] A Game of Thrones. I got the Blu-ray of the 1st season this week and it's so good. Most of the characters were cast spot-on but I'm most unhappy with Jon Snow looking and acting like a dufus. What's up with that? We've only watched two episodes, though, so maybe he'll snap out of it.

[knitting] A hand grenade. It's slow progress, but I think it'll be super cute.

[cross-stitching] Yeah I am. It is so much fun. I ordered different sizes of Q-Snap frames from Amazon and I can't recommend these enough. SO much easier/nicer than using a hoop when stitching on thicker aida cloth. Also, Sprite Stitch is a great forum/resource for geeky/video-gamey cross stitching. There's also tons of inspiring cross stitch on deviantART.

[cooking] Pasta with Butternut Parmesan sauce. This is so good. I modified it to make easier for me: I buy half of an already peeled butternut squash, cut it into cubes and boil it in chicken broth. When it's tender, I drain the squash but keep the liquid. I use my potato ricer to rice the squash pieces back into the cooking pot, add a couple tablespoons of cream cheese and whisk. In a small saute pan, I saute shallots and minced garlic. I add that to the pasta puree, add some of the reserved liquid (not all of it, just enough to make the sauce runny), some grated nutmeg. Salt. I think that's it. It doesn't end up super-smooth because the squash is merely riced and the shallots and garlic are only minced. I pour some over cooked rotini and generously sprinkle grated parm cheese on top. This doesn't look super beautiful but it is so goddamn tasty.

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