[cross-stitch] QR Code

Subversive Cross Stitch had a nice sale (she often has nice sales) and I purchased two patterns. This QR code is one of them:

QR code

Yay, this is my first cross-stitch ever! It's only about 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches, so it's coaster-sized. I'd love to get a set of 4 coasters that you can put your own pictures inside of, and put in this cross stitch instead. I'd like a set of 4 of these- maybe each with a different message.

The irony here is that I don't have a smart phone and I have no way of reading this code to get the message. But I brought the finished piece in to work and had a co-worker read it with his phone. And he laughed his ass off, so I guess I stitched it right.

QR close-up

I love all those little x'es.


Angela Englund said...

this is awesome and it looks like you did a great job! what dis the code say?

gayle said...

So what's the message???

amy said...

The code says "Use a f'ing coaster!" :)

kaszeta said...

Yeah, I read that QR code with the phone before seeing the responses. I laughed.

Walter Jeffries said...

That is wildly funny! I just learned about and used my first QR Code. I put it on our meat package label. Good use on the coaster. :)