[knitting] $ Socks

I've started the great sock-a-thon of 2012:


Dollar asked for some homemade socks. I've made him a dozen or so pairs over the years and he's worn through/shrunk nearly every pair. So this time I'm knitting many pairs to give him all at once (maybe his b-day near the end of the year) and I'll put them inside a special hamper. A sock hamper that he will put only handknit socks in to be washed by me. I don't use crazy expensive yarn for his worsted-weight socks; usually just Encore or Wool-Ease, since it's machine washable.

These socks are good practice for knitting continental with double-pointed needles. I've gotten fairly proficient at knitting continental with straight and circular needles, but I still knit English style with DPNs. Not anymore- I can manage the ribbing quite well now with the yarn in my left hand.

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