[misc] Murderface Monday

Things are feeling pretty wintery around here. I tried putting Muderface's sweater on him this weekend. We got up in the morning, went downstairs. Murderface went to the kitchen and starting banging his head against the dry food bag, like he normally does. I grabbed his sweater-vest-thingie and quickly put it on him. Then I gave him some dry food to distract him and convince him that wearing a sweater is no big deal. He ate his food while I made coffee. By the time I turned back around, he was gone from the kitchen.

I went out into the dining room and saw him. He was looking a little terrified but I told him to chill out while I got the camera. When I came back, he was running across the living room, jumped up onto a speaker, onto a set of drawers... then ran up some of the stairs.

MF in his sweater

He tried squirming out and I tried tucking his arms back in, "No, you're wearing this thing- OW! Don't bite me, you little... Just wear it!!"

MF in his sweater

He eventually wiggled his entire body up and out the neck. I think the armholes are the hardest for him- they aren't quite placed right. I think I might make another but add sleeves. I want him to want to wear the sweater as much as I want him to.


gayle said...

Maybe you just haven't found his favorite color yet...

Sarah said...

My advice is to shave MF first then he'll be cold and want to wear the sweater. The smaller of our two Boston Terriers doesn't have any fur on her underside, and I think this is what has made her love wearing her "housecoat".