[knitting] Yarn I dyed

Here are the two skeins of yarn I dyed at last month's Green Mountain Fiber Festival. This was with Ellen from Ellen's Half Pint Farm. I was actually the only one who signed up for this class, so it was good to have all the one-on-one attention, but kind of too bad as well because there weren't other people painting skeins with you, so didn't get to see how their color combinations might come out.

I bought another blank skein and did two:

Dyed by me

I did the one on the right first. If it looks a little wild... that's because it is. It kind of looks like tiger colors in real life. I don't really make of (or with) it.

The blue one I did second, as a tonal experiment. I dyed one end dark blue and as I started running out of dye, Ellen added more water (instead of dye) to reduce the intensity bit by bit. I like how it turned out.


Sara said...

They are beautiful ... love both of them - but, the blue one is spectacular! No I wish I would have taken that class...

gayle said...

I like both skeins, too, but I'm favoring the bright one. It's so pretty as-is that I don't know if it should be knit or just kept on the coffee table to be admired!