[weekend] One is the lonliest number :(

I'm going to Unity XVI tomorrow, which is awesome but since it goes so late into the night, I'm staying over at the hotel. Dollar isn't coming because he's got band practice, he's not as into board games as me, and he wouldn't be able to get up at 7am to leave. A night away from him and Murderface makes me feel :(

Also, it turns out that the gaming convention is only 10 minutes from H Mart. So I'm going to swing by there before heading back up Sunday morning. I was just checking out the online flyer to see what's on sale this week.

The H Mart front page has a happy tiger family (because this is the year of el tigre?), happy about all the meat on sale:

Happy Cat Family... Is happy

I saw that there is some rice on sale, they always have boxes of fruit on sale, marinated meat, etc. Then I saw this:

Tropicana Bathroom Tissue

Tropicana Bathroom Tissue No Pulp/Original. Ha, obviously that's a typo. It should say "No Poop/Original". Because the original comes with a little bit of poop.

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