[misc] Procrastination - If a job's worth doing, it'll still be worth doing tomorrow.

I finished the main body of Quinn. The bottom is seamed (three needle bind-off, rather than kitchener) and I washed it and blocked it. I still have to make the strap: strands of i-cord braided together. In the interest of saving time, I tried to use my Embellish-Knit machine (a turn crank niddy noddy), which works well with up to DK weight yarn, but it totally bombed with the worsted weight, mostly cotton Sierra I'm using. It got all kinds of jammed up and I ended up having to cut out a tangled mess of immovable knots.

Which, I suppose, is fair? I was planning on literally cranking out at least 12 feet of i-cord with this thing because I didn't want to do something so tedious by hand. But this is the Knitting Olympics. Would it be like running a 22 mile marathon and then jumping onto a motorcycle at mile 17 to finish out the last 5 miles? I kinda think so. It felt like cheating to me.

(But if the machine had worked, I totally would have used it.)


I got some new games from Game Surplus. Dollar and I are going to try out Batt'l Kha'os tonight. I tested it out a bit by myself last night (blatantly avoiding all the i-cord I have to make) and it's very cute. A tile-laying game for two. One side is Knights, one side is Orcs. You line up opposing forces and whoever has more forces at the corners of the tiles wins that corner. I know, it doesn't make sense when I write it out here, but it seems light and fun.

We've been playing a lot of Smallworld recently. This is the ONLY game I can't win against Dollar (besides chess) (and Magic) (okay, maybe there's a SHORT list of games I can't win against him). I have NO IDEA how he ends up with a higher score than me. I would accuse him of stealing victory tokens but I'm usually the one passing him his chips. Even when I know I've won the game, KNOW it because of all the victory points I was accumulating like crazy, when we add them all up he still wins. By a lot.

I played Dominion up at my sister's last Friday. Now that Lost* has started, we all watch it together on Friday nights, with supper, then play a boardgame. We started by playing a game of 4-player regular Catan. I placed my starting settlements in unapologetically mean locations and the rest of the game was smooth sailing to an easy win for me. I wanted to play Dominion after but Dollar wasn't feeling like another game (crushing defeat tends to have that effect on him) and he walked back down to the house to play a video game. I stayed to teach my sister and her bf Dominion. We played a game. Then we played again. I offered to leave but they kinda taunted me into staying for another game. I didn't get back home until midnight.


*If Kate doesn't meet some kind of grisly demise this season, I'm calling BS on the entire series. I didn't invest 6 years into this show to not see Kate get what she deserves. I demand satisfaction!

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gayle said...

If a job's worth doing, it'll still be worth doing tomorrow.

Oh, how I love that. If I still did cross-stitch, I would make a sampler with it...