[misc] What you get for scaring my cat.

Went to Unity XVI and it was awesome. Mentally exhausting (18 straight hours of boardgaming) but so worth it. I played Dominion, Thebes, Endeavor, Ave Caesar, Wits and Wagers, Shadows Over Camelot, and I brought my homemade Twin State Ticket to Ride.

18 hours of boardgaming. Am I insane? I'm not sure, but I feel like I need to roll a die to find out.

We played until they kicked us out of the hotel's ballroom at midnight. Then I went up to my room and passed out. I woke up at 8:30, went to H Mart and was back home by 11:30 am. I nearly ran out of gas and peed my pants, but I refused to pull over for anything- I just wanted to get home.

Speaking of peeing their pants, I brought Murderface to the vet yesterday for his 2nd round of shots. When we got back home, he came out of his carrier and started sniffing around the outside of it. I pulled out the bathtowel that I put inside and there was a big pee spot :(

Back at the vet's, after the exam was over and I was paying, a man with a big dog on a leash came in and let his dog go right up to Murderface's carrier and his dog put his nose right up against it. I didn't know what was happening until I heard Murderface hissing. I immediately picked up the carrier, moved it to the other side of me and gave the guy a dirty look. What I wanted to say was-

"You wanna control your f'ing dog? Get it away from my cat."


"Are you a f'ing moron? Keep your dog away from my cat."


"Are you f'ing stupid? I got a cat here."

Other, meaner, options ran through my head as well. When I saw the pee towel at home, I figured it must have been the dog that scared Murderface so bad that he peed. Which pissed me off more. I wanted to go back and find this guy, tie him to a tree and let a gigantic grizzly bear get right up in his face. I bet the guy would pee his pants. And I'd be up in the tree, saying, "Yeah, scary situations that make you pee yourself aren't fun. Right? You see now? This is what you get for scaring my cat."

Sigh. I wish.

P.S. In case anyone thinks daydreaming about this guy with being mauled by a bear is excessive, I just want to add that when I gave him a dirty look after moving Murderface, he gave me a shit-eating smirk that made me want to kick him in the nuts. He didn't pull his dog back. Just saying.


gayle said...

I've never been able to understand that sort of person - they think they're just entitled somehow to do whatever they want, with no thought about others or the consequences of their actions.
I just always hope they stay in the minority...

Sara said...

What an asshole! I feel so bad for Murderface...and you know he was embarrassed that he had peed in his crate.

That guy was just mean...I can't stand people like that.