[knitting] Chair Socks

Last Friday I saw a post on Ravelry about chair socks. I have wooden chairs and wooden floors and the former makes the most awful sound when dragged across the latter. I've been meaning to get felt pads for the feet for a long time but never have. So the idea of these chair socks made a light go "bing" over my head. What if I used the i-cord glove method to make bulky fingers for my chair feet?

Chair Socks

Aw yea, my chair doesn't have cold peg legs anymore. And they are quiet! I put them on one chair and did a demo for Dollar, sliding it around the room, "You hear that? No? I KNOW!"

Chair Socks

I've got to make more for the rest of my chairs. They're cute, bulky, fast, they stay on. They will probably wear out someday, but then I'll just have to make more. It's a good way to use scraps and leftovers.

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gayle said...

Oh! Chair socks! I love it!