[travel] My first Spanish Coffee

I'm in Portland, OR this week. The weather has been... Well, this is their rainy season. I guess I was spoiled last time I was here, when it was sunny, gorgeous and warm. The past few days have been rainy and cold. The rest of the week's weather has been forecast to be rainy and cold.

Monday evening I walked up to Powell's City of Books. I scoured the knitting section for over an hour and saw a lot of out-of-print options. (I took only one book on color knitting techniques.) Then I went up to the Music section and saw several shelves of music songbooks. I called Dollar at home and started going through them, "Aerosmith... The Beatles... The Carpenters... John Denver..." so he could stop me on the ones he actually wanted (Alice in Chains and Slayer). I headed down to the graphic novel section but it was too huge and I had been there for hours. I might head back again some evening this week to check out some of the other 3,445 sections I missed.

Tuesday evening we went to Huber's immediately after work for a Spanish Coffee. I've never had one before but the presentation at this place was mind blowing. The menu for this item says "Bacardi 151, Bols Triple Sec, Kahlua, and coffee. Topped with fresh whipped cream and nutmeg. Flamed Tableside."

Flamed wah-?

I captured it on video. [Huber's is Portland's oldest restaurant and the owners strove to retain the original architecture and design... Which means the acoustics are terrible by today's standards. Once the place gets filled, the noise from everyone talking was nearly deafening. So, MIND YOUR SPEAKERS AND TURN THE VOLUME DOWN. Thank you.]

It was amazing. He can only made two drinks at a time, so I got to watch him do it twice for the four of us. I don't know what kind of training one has to go through to be qualified to do this but he didn't spill a drop. No wonder these drinks are $10 each.


Sara said...

Oh, Amy that looks like it tasted so good. Glad you are having a nice time in Portland...

How is Murderface doing without you?

amy said...

According to Dollar, MF is bumming. But they are being super-sweet to each other because I'm not around. And I miss them both.

Joansie said...

Darn, I can't see the video. If you ever see the book "Magnificent Mittens" (out of print)...well, snatch it. It sells on e-bay for about $700. I've see it from $300-$1000+. I actually had it in my hands from the inter-loan library.