[knitting] Thrummed Mittens

I started a pair of thrummed mittens about a week ago. I had been reading about them on other blogs, the subject of thrummed mittens was brought up at a recent knit night and I was seeing patterns everywhere. It was pointless trying to resist.

When I bought my spinning wheel* last year at The Fiber Studio (Henniker, NH), I was given a 1 pound ball of white merino. I spun a bit for practice but quickly moved on to more visually stimulating dyed roving. I've taken off 4 oz here and there to dye, but I swear the ball isn't getting any smaller. Now I'm ripping off chunks for thrums:

Box o' thrums

This is such a small amount of thrums. I think the box would need to be completely full for two mittens. My process is to make "a ton" of thrums, knit them and realize I only made enough for half of one mitten, make "a ton" more, etc.

Thrummed Mittens

The yarn I am using is Malabrigo worsted, so the mitten will be merino yarn with merino thrums. Oooo, it's so soft.

I am having a couple... issues with this project...

Thrummed Mittens

The thrums are getting pretty fuzzy just from my fingers rubbing against the outside as I move the project around and around while knitting. Which is creating a white halo around the dark brown background that I don't really like. I fear that these mittens will look old and haggard well before their time. Like... As soon as they're done.

Also, my thrums aren't adorable little hearts. They are weird half-hearts with the working yarn slicing through left side. I don't think I'm doing my thrums wrong: knit to where I want to place a thrum, insert needle into stitch, wrap thrum and working yarn around needle, pull both through. On the next row, I knit the thrum and working yarn stitch together. Right? Right?!

But all my issues melt away when I try the mitten on. Tell me you don't want to jump into that soft fleece?

Thrummed Mittens

*Last night I finally named my spinning wheel: Patience


martha said...

How is it I have not seen these thrummed mittens. They are wonderful and I love that you named your spinning wheel. Perhaps that is why I have not ben inclined to learn to use mine-she has not been named...I bought myself a Ladybug for my last birthday in November-and I am terrified of it. Help! Maybe you can suggest a name!

gayle said...

When knitting plain thrummed mittens, the thrum IS the stitch - don't knit the working yarn, too. That's how to get those little heart shapes.
I don't bring the ends of the thrums back to the middle like they showed on knitting daily. That's just asking for finger catchers (and thrum ripper-outers) - I just rub them between my fingers in the middle to felt the fiber a little. It should smoosh down to be about the same diameter as your working yarn.

All that said, I'm doing thrums a different way - I've combined them with two-color knitting, which I've never seen anyone else do before.