[knitting] Done thrumming. Forever.

I finished the mittens:

Thrummed Mittens

Pattern: Thrummed Mittens by Yarn Forward

Needles: US4 (ribbing), US7 (body)

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted

Thrums: Merino, part of a gigantic ball I got from The Fiber Studio when I bought my spinning wheel last year.

I'm never thrumming anything ever again. Probably. I don't want to say "never" but... Yeah, I'm pretty sure "never". None of it was fun or relaxing or any other reason I like to knit.

The merino thrums are in PILL STAGE 1- FUZZING

Thrummed Mittens

I've thought about taking my sweater stone to the outside of these mittens, but that's insane, right? It's only going to pull/snag the merino fibers more.

But... So the mittens aren't aesthetically pleasing (to me). How to they feel? Slip you hand in...

Thrummed Mittens

I brought them to knitting Tuesday night and had everyone try them on. The best part was seeing all their faces go slack once they pulled them on, like they were sinking into a hot bubble bath. Aaahhhhh... They are soft.

BONUS Murderface video:

Now that the box I was using for thums is empty:

And bear in mind that we all sound crazy-stupid the closer we get to cats.


gayle said...

Thrummed mittens are SO warm and cozy. Your hands will be especially happy on those -30 degrees days.
You're right about how we sound when we get close to cats. Wonder what causes that?

Anonymous said...

So no thrumed slippers?
I'm still only on the first mitten, but it IS so very soft.