[knitting] For cold ears

A co-worker approached me and asked for a hat. He has a rather large head (25 inches!), so it's difficult for him to find hats that fit. Also, it's his ears that are the main issue- they need to be covered. If his ears aren't covered, he's cold. So... what to do. My gut gurgled in the direction of an earflap hat, since I've done it twice. But I wanted to try something new.

What about a Ganomy...


I love it!

Pattern: Ganomy from Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair (held double), in spice and clove.

Needle: US 9 (maybe 10?)

Mods: I rounded the crown, rather than following the pattern exactly (which has you decreasing slowly to a point, like this).

I love it! The Mountain Mohair is very soft and smooth, the fit is snug and it coverers the ears well. I had to make one for me...

Ganomy for Amy

This is MY Ganomy, knit with my toffee handspun. I spun 3 skeins so I am making matching mitered mittens (also from Knitter's Almanac)...

Mitered mittens

I've kind of stalled out approaching the thumb area. The pattern says to knit a mitered tube until you reach the tip of your pinkie, then decrease. Then you make an after-thought thumb: snip a stitch where you want the thumb to go and unravel either side. Pick up the live stitches and knit around to make a thumb. Which is clever but... I think I'll just figure out where I want the thumb to be, knit the thumb stitches with waste yarn, knit over the waste yarn and keep going. That's how I've done peasant thumbs in the past. I'm still not ready to cut my knitting (for steeks or any other reason).


gayle said...

Very nice! I've noted that pattern, but haven't knitted it yet. I love your modification.
And I especially love your handspun - such great colors.
I'm with you on the "afterthought" thumb. Hate to cut into the knitting. I've done it, but still hate it...

Shelby said...

I freaking love that toffee yarn! So pretty. I'd go with an afterthought thumb, too. Why cut when you don't have to?!