[knitting] Felted drum pedal pouch

Dollar loooooooves Guitar Hero. He has all the games and all the guitars. I support his obsession with the games because it improves his dexterity when he plays his real guitars. We recently acquired Guitar Hero: World Tour, which comes with a larger guitar, a microphone and drum kit. I think Dollar has been on the drum kit every day since we've had it. It actually looks like a regular electronic drum kit, with a foot pedal and everything.

When not in use, the drums need to be slid back into a corner of the game room and it's difficult with the pedal, which is attached by a thin cable. You have to move the whole thing piecemeal- slide the drums back until the cable to the pedal is taut, slide the pedal to catch up, slide the drums back further, slide the pedal, etc. I thought a felted pedal pouch to hang from a bar under the drum heads would work better.

I improvised the design, so it came out a little wonky:

Drum Pedal Pouch

Drum Pedal Pouch

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino, brown, almost a whole ball

Needles: US 10

It came out a little too wide at the top, but it works. I suppose I could knit and felt another (better) one but... I just don't love Guitar Hero enough. In fact, I kind of hate it.

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