[knitting] Squeezing the juice from my mind grapes

Here are the Icewine Mittens:

Icewine Mittens

Icewine Mittens

I've completed one thumb and hope to finish the second tonight or tomorrow. I want to bring the pair to the Upper Valley Knitting Guild meeting on Wednesday.

I wanted to bring a finished Yoke Pattern Jacket but there's no way. I spent too many hours this weekend sewing up the sides. I tried doing it in a half-assed quick way (because as much as I love the final result of the mattress stitch, it's such a pain) and it looked all kinds of wrong. So I pulled out the yarn and started again in the correct way. I sewed both sides and started one sleeve but it's so freaking tedious I had to stop.

I started a couple new projects: a light-weight tam for my mom and an Irish Hiking Scarf in white angora. I also want to cast on for a new pair of mittens using the magic loop method.

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