[knitting] Noro Happy Tam

Look at the happy-making tam:

Noro Tam

I cast on for this some night last week and could not stop until it was done. It was so great to see the colors changes. The underside came out kind of neutral:

Noro Tam

But the top is way colorful:

Noro Tam

The pattern couldn't be easier. I used one ball of Lopi Lite in a heathery gray and one ball of Noro. I love that there are SO MANY colors in Kureyon. Only two balls of yarn to make this. So awesome.

I want to make 6 more of these (I can't wait to see how other Noro colors will look!) but I'm going to save this project for when I'm bummed out or tired of knitting. This project was easy, fun, fast and... happy!

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Shelby said...

SUPER pretty! I wish I was a hat-wearer or knew a hat-wearer I could knit one for...that's really lovely. I really like yarns like Noro and Boku, that have nice long color changes like that. Have you been checking out the Lismore progress on She's making it out of Kauni, which I became completely entranced with until I looked it up and saw how much it costs. HOLY CRAP!!