[knitting] Sublime Tam II

I finished a new tam for my mom, to be gifted for Mother's Day...

Sublime Tam

Sublime Tam

Yarn: Sublime Kid Mohair (1.5 balls, color: smoke blue)
Pattern: Basic Tam Pattern from Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
Needle: US 4 (ribbing), US 7 (hat)
Source: Webs in Northampton, MA

This is the same Sublime Kid Mohair yarn that I used for a previous tam. She liked how lightweight it was (the yarn is sold in 25 gram balls) so I wanted to make another to add to her growing army of tams.

I will give this to her the day before Mother's Day because on that Sunday I will be leaving for a trip- Work is sending me to Alaska for a week, then South Korea for a week. I haven't been talking about this trip much because I'm nervous. Actually, "nervous" is an extremely gentle way of phrasing my current state. I'll be okay after I see my doctor this Friday to ask for tranquilizers.


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously considering how I can infiltrate your luggage. Your luggage has wheels, right? No matter, you've been working out :-)

Anyway, hopefully your trips are great, and hopefully you get a little time away from work to check things out. Is $ going? I know you had talked about it...

amy said...

You're small enough to fit into the luggage I'm taking. I want to bring back oodles of yarn, so it would be a cushy ride back.

Dollar isn't going, but he's taking the last week of May off so that we can have a vacation at home when I get back. To be honest, I'm glad he'll be at home because I don't know what would happen to Murderface if neither one of us was around.