[misc] Weekend


I've started to design my own patterns. I have a table runner that I'm working on and while it was *love* at first, I started asking people, "Do you think looks old-lady-doily-like?" Yes. The answers all around were yes. I don't know what to do with that project now...

I'm charting some game-themed motifs for small bags. A meeple from the Carcassonne game and a hot air balloon from Balloon Cup. I'll take pictures soon but everything is either in the pencil-to-graph-paper stage or the knit-this-looks-wrong-riiiip stage.


Speaking of games, I played Dark Tower for the second time this past weekend. While this 1981 electronic game was kitschy/vintage fun the first time around, this time it was just tedious. I told my sister, "Maybe this is the point of the game: hours and hours of non-winnable entertainment." If you would like to play online, there is a one-player flash version here.


I upped my Netflix account to 5-at-a-time so that Dollar and I can each have our own queues. Recently, I have really enjoyed:

- No Country for Old Men
- There Will be Blood
- Interstate 60


LOST is back! Agh! This last episode was awesome after such a long hiatus. It had me yelling, "Bring the thunder!" at one of the characters. And you know what? He did.


I've been making scones and corn muffins on the weekends. It's easier for me to leave things like that out in the kitchen and then Dollar and I can just graze throughout the day whenever we want a bite. The easiest (but more expensive) way I do this is with mixes from King Arthur Flour. If you live in the area, you can get some of them at Shaw's or any of them at The Baker's Store in Norwich.


kaszeta said...

We need another Uvscene game night.

(If, for no other reason, I can bring Dollar's The Tick DVD back...)

amy said...

That's a good idea. I've been thinking about it for a while now. How does June sound? I'll be traveling (A LOT) in May.