[knitting] Martha's Hat

Finished it this weekend...

Yarn: Plymouth Suri Merino, color #799, almost two balls

Pattern: Supple Rib from Knitting on the Edge, Plain Stockinette body and 6 evenly spaced double-decreases for the crown.

Notes: The Supple Rib was not fun to knit. It's pretty and it does have stretch, but it was a lot of "knit, leave knit stitch on the needle, purl the next two together" etc. I ended up spearing the yarn during the process more than a few times. The brim curled a little at the bottom but a light block helped flatten it. This is a late birthday present for a co-worker.


Joan said...

hey Amy, welcome to the Knit Vermont webring! I am so happy that another warm (or maybe not so warm) body from the Green Mtn State found the ring! I will catch up on your posts tonight but wanted to thank you for joining us.

Kelly said...

Cute hat, love the color!

Amanda said...

i love the color and ribbing on this hat. welcome to the knit vt webring!