[knitting] Kool-Aid yarn, angora yarn, and an unfinished hat

Here's my Kool-Aid dyed yarn:

I'd like to knit some small things with these small one-ounce balls. People seem to be having babies left and right around me, so maybe some tiny booties and hats?

I put all the skeins of Elizabeth Lavold Angora into balls:

Twelve balls. Seven skeins ended up being TWELVE balls because all but TWO had knots that needed to be cut out. I'm never buying this yarn again. The one good thing about it is that it IS very soft. I started the wedding capelet for a friend. I'm using a vintage pattern and am a little confused with some of the wording, but it should turn out all right. I hope.

I knit a hat last week for a co-worker and I need to finish it. I lost one of the double-pointed needles that I was using when Dollar and I were moving every single piece of furniture in the house that was near a window (last week was a nightmare- contractor putting in new windows all over the house and leaving all kinds of messy messes for me to clean up). Sigh. Anyway, I want to finish off the crown, wash & block, knit a couple flowers/leaves for decoration.


Shelby said...

I LURVE the bottom three kool-aid dyed ones in the first picture! So purty.

Making baby socks is fun, although that yarn might be a bit thick for them. I want to try the Totoro bonnet pattern on at some point...

Kelly said...

Love the kool-aid colored yarns. The orange and pink one is my favorite. I think those would make adorable babby booties!