[knitting] Lace Nightie - The Trim

I cast-off the Lace Nightie with, oh, 5 yards of yarn left. Not enough to make straps. My sister had the bright idea of doing the straps with a contrast yarn. Even better, I'd like to also crochet a trim around the upper edge (across the lower back, up the side, across the front, back down to the back) to give the garment more structure. Or, to pull the whole thing together. I didn't particularly like the edges of the decreases up the sides and the cast-off area of the back lace panel is a little floppy. I think a nice border, like Tahoe, will be nice. Here are a couple pictures (front and back) from before casting-off.

After showing the nightie to my sister, placing skein after skein down and asking, "What about this one? What about this for a trim? What about a trim made out of this?", she said that the Berroco Suede would probably look best because it's matte, whereas the yarn I used has a sheen to it. So it might be a nice contrast combo.

I've got two colors of Suede in the stash. Light purple:

And dark purple (which is noticeably thinner than the light purple. I think the dark one is one of Berroco's first iterations of Suede, which is why it looks so different).

Which one to use?

To be honest, I like the darker color better but the lighter one is closer to the gauge I want. But then again, maybe it would be better to knit thinner i-cord straps from the thinner yarn... Hmm. At any rate, I'm going to have to knit a sample to test both.


Shelby said...

I like the dark better too, I think. The whole thing is very pretty!

I spent all weekend knitting on a baby sweater, only to run out of yarn with just one sleeve done. This was after I'd already frogged the whole $*%@-ing thing once and re-knit it all because I'd done it on the wrong needles and the gauge was all whacked out. I got perfect gauge the second time and I was all excited when I got done the body and went on to the sleeves...turns out the gauge didn't matter anyway because I wouldn't have had enough yarn, regardless. ARG!! ;)

nicole said...

My first instinct was the darker purple.

Kelly said...

It looks beautiful! I kind of like the lighter one. What ever you chose I'm sure it will look great!