[amy] Happy Birthd-AAAGGH!

It was a good birthday. Dollar and I got up late on Friday, went for breakfast at Lou's diner in Hanover and then walked up Gile Mountain:



Afterwards, we went to a bookstore in Enfield, home to chill and have some supper, then drive all the way up to Danville for the Spooky Maze.

The maze was spooky and scream inducing. But it was packed. The line was long (about an hour's wait) to get in, but the nice thing is that they only let one group in at a time (whether your group numbers eight people or just two). Lots of camoflaged ghouls and demons racing down the path at you, jumping out from the corn stalks, waving real chainsaws around in strobe lights.

The fear I felt wasn't so much "I've been kidnapped and now I'm locked in a basement- I think I'm gonna die" real fear. It was more about being startled. You're tense as you're walking, you're waiting for it, you know something must be close at- AAAGGHH! Like that.

Dollar could spot nearly all of the people hiding. He jumped twice, I think. I don't know how he could see them but he would alert me by vaguely saying, "There's one up here." I would frantically start looking around, feeling the panic rise, then jump out of my skin when they STILL scared me. At one point he said, "Here. Here's one." He pulled me to one side of the path and pointed at something down in the stalks. "Right here," he said, holding the tip of his index finger a mere three inches away from a shadowy scull face. The scull face wasn't moving, so I bent forward to get a closer look. I said, "Are you sure? It's not mov- AAGHHH!!!" That's when the person jumped at me. Hoo boy, lots of fun. My nerves were shot by the time we made it out alive.

What I found interesting was that after doing this for so many years, the people who do the scaring really know how and WHO to scare. Even if you spot them and say, "Ha ha ha, I see you," the ghoul won't say, "Aw shucks, you got me." They will stay perfectly still and wait for the right time to get you. Oh, they're good. And my method of self-defense (looking the other way in a "La la la, I can't see you" manner) didn't work. I think the fact that I smiled nervously and looked away made a more obvious target of me.

Anyway, good times. After it was over, people kind of milled around an open area in an apprehensive daze, waiting for the wagon to bring them back to the parking lot. A guy waiting right at the maze exit says, "Thank you for coming folks but there's just one thing left- Walk through there." He points at a wooden door. Yeah right, you think. He assures you that it's not scary. Pppfftt, yeah right, you think. No no, just walk through, he says. Well... all right. Once inside, you see that you're standing inside a calming, slowly spinning, vertigo inducing, star-kaleidoscope thing. Somehow is eases the residual tension away.

Highly recommended. The only downside was the long wait. Our ticket was for 9 pm and we probably didn't get in until 10 pm. Maybe the earlier ones aren't as crowded?

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nicole said...

Happy Birthday. You have a strong constitution, woman.