[knitting] Karaoke Fingerless Gloves


I made 80% of one following the pattern exactly and realized I wouldn't have enough for another. I ripped it, which wasn't nearly as tragic as I thought it would be. It's a small project.

I started over. Basically, wherever the pattern said 3 (i.e. 3 more times; for 3 twists), I changed it to 2.

The tops of my thumbs were finished with a couple rounds of moss-stitch. This is because of the odd number of stitches: 15. The pattern says "Pick up 12 stitches and 3 along the hole at the top of the thumb." So this would make 15 stitches, right? 12... plus 3... yeah, 15. So why does the pattern say to finish with 3 rounds of 1x1 rib? You need an even number for that. [sigh] Hence the moss-stitch (knit the purls, purl the knits). Which looks fine because the texture is reminiscint of the twists at the top of the glove.

It's all about being able to adapt.

Speaking of which, the increases for the thumb gussets left insightly holes, which I closed up using a whip stitch from the tail leftover from doing the thumb tops. This gives the pauper-esque gloves a Frankenstein quality.

Anyway, the gloves are a little shorter but they fit like a... They fit perfectly. They currently live in my work bag and I pull them on ever I get chilly fingers at my keyboard. Which doesn't really ease the chilly fingers because these gloves are fingerless. But they're so pretty, I guess that's what warms me up.

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Christie said...

Those are so cute! I hear you about the frozen fingers. I would wear mine at work wrists were warm at least!