[videogame] Nintendogs

I had heard that Nintendogs for Nintendo DS was a surprisingly addictive and fun "game". Jason got it and is now the proud digi-owner of a vitru-pet. He's got some kind of small collie named "Jackie". I don't know where the name came from, but I think it's given by the game so that it can recognize when you say the dog's name. That's right, the dog can hear you and can learn voice commands. So Jason showed me and Jake last night...

JASON: Watch this: Jackie! Jackie come!
AMY: That's so cool!
JASON: Jackie sit! Sit Jackie! Sit Jackie! Sit-
JAKE: Let me try- Jackie! Jackie sit!
AMY: Jackie! Jackie come!
JASON: Jackie!
JAKE: Sit Jackie!
AMY: Let me pet her.
JASON: Lay down Jackie! Lay down!
JAKE: Sit!
JASON: Jackie!
JAKE: Sit!
JASON: Jackie!
JAKE: Sit!
JASON: Jackie!
AMY: Let me see the DS.
JASON: Jackie! Wait. Jackie!
JAKE: Jackie!
BARBARA: [shoots herself in head]

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Roy Naka said...

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